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    • Professor of Ethnic Studies
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    • Ethnic Studies
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    • B.A. New School for Social Research, NY
    • M.A. University of California, Berkeley
    • Ph.D. University of California, Berkeley


RESEARCH: Political Economy of Labor, Immigration, and Race in Asia and the U.S.; Multiculturalism and Diversity; Labor Migration and Civil Society

TEACHING: ETST 580 Immigration and Citizenship in the US, ETST 501 Ethnic Studies History and Theory, ETST 493 Ethnic Studies Research Methods and Writing, ETST 324 Asian Pacific American and the Law, ETST 252/HIST 250 Asian American History, ETST 100 Introduction to Ethnic Studies

Dr. Joon K. Kim is a professor in the Department of Ethnic Studies and a faculty associate in the Department of Sociology. Since joining CSU faculty in 2000, he served as the adviser for Korean and Korean-American student associations, a resource faculty for Asian/Pacific American Cultural Center, and the founder of Korean Language and Cultural School in Fort Collins. His research focuses on several interrelated areas, including the political-economy of labor, the gendered international migration, the civil society activism, the politics of race (via affirmative action, immigration, citizenship), and the multicultural labor relations. His article, "The Political Economy of the Mexican Farm Labor Program, 1942-1964" (Aztlan: A Journal of Chicano Studies, 2004), won the ABC-CLIO America: History and Life Award at the Centennial Meeting of the Organization of American Historians in 2007. With a grant from the Korea Foundation, Dr. Kim organized an international conference on "Multicultural East Asia" at CSU in 2009, and co-edited the Special Issue volume for the Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies(2011). He is a recipient of the Fulbright Fellowship and the Korea Foundation Field Research Fellowship.


Selected Publications:


Kim, Joon K. 2020. Organized Labor and Civil Society for Multiculturalism: A Solidarity Success Story from South Korea. Bingley, UK: Emerald Publishing Limited. (

Refereed Journal Articles

Researcher ID: A-7702-2209; ORCID: 0000-0001-7511-2929

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Book Chapters

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 In Korean

김준겸. 2009. 독일과 미국의 이주노동 정책의 교훈.

김준겸. 2009. 이주민과 건강: 한국에서 미등록 이주민의 보건의료서비스 접근성이 보장되어야 하는가?

Book Reviews/Encyclopedia Entries/Letters

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