The Faces of Ethnic Studies

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Faculty & Instructors

  • Associate Professor, Ethnic Studies

    Albert Bimper

    Albert Y. Bimper Jr., PhD, is an Associate Professor with appointments in both Ethnic Studies and Sport Management in the College of Liberal Arts. As a university administrator, he presently serves as Assistant Vice President and Senior Associate Athletics Director with...

  • Associate Professor, Ethnic Studies

    Ray Black

    Dr. Ray Black is an assistant professor of ethnic studies focusing on African American studies. His primary academic focus is on how current students of color, from early childhood through graduate school, succeed. His secondary scholarly focus is on representations...

  • Instructor; Director of Communications, Ethnic Studies

    Aaunterria Bollinger-Deters

    RESEARCH: Race, Gender and Sexuality in Film, Television and Comics. (concentrating in Blackness, Womanhood, Queerness and Representation) TEACHING: ETST 100: Introduction to Ethnic Studies, ETST 205: Ethnicity and the Media, and ETST 411: Black Feminisms.  

  • Professor, Ethnic Studies

    Roe Bubar

    RESEARCH: Health disparities including: sexual violence, child maltreatment, intersectionality, drug endangered children, racial microaggressions experienced by Natives, qualitative inquiry and Indigenous research methods. TEACHING: ETST 541 Gender, Violence, and Indigenous Peoples, ETST 502 Research Methods, ETST 493 Ethnic Studies Research Methods...

  • Instructor, Ethnic Studies

    Tom Cavanagh

    I reside in Fort Collins, Colorado, right next to the Rocky Mountains, where I spend time hiking in the summer and snowshoeing in the winter. I have degrees from four post-high school institutions, including graduate degrees in Organizational Leadership from...

  • Associate Professor, Ethnic Studies

    Maricela DeMirjyn

    RESEARCH: Life histories and visual narrative analysis, Chicana/Latina epistemologies and praxis within the University, and Intersectional and queer studies. TEACHING: ETST 537 Critical Disability Studies, ETST 535 Chicana Feminism: Theory and Form, ETST 502 Research Methods, ETST 454/SPCM 454...

  • Instructor, Ethnic Studies

    Allison Goar

  • Associate Professor, Ethnic Studies

    Eric Ishiwata

    RESEARCH: Race Relations in Fort Morgan TEACHING: ETST 544/POLS National Identities and Nation Building, ETST 503 Contemporary Ethnic Studies Issues, ETST 501 Ethnic Studies History and Theory, ETST 404 Race Formation in the United States, ETST 320 Ethnicity and...

  • Professor of Ethnic Studies, Ethnic Studies

    Joon K. Kim

    RESEARCH: Political Economy of Labor, Immigration, and Race in Asia and the U.S.; Multiculturalism and Diversity; Labor Migration and Civil Society TEACHING: ETST 580 Immigration and Citizenship in the US, ETST 501 Ethnic Studies History and Theory, ETST 493...

  • Associate Professor, Ethnic Studies and Women's Studies & Gender Research

    Dr. Doreen E. Martinez

    Dr. Doreen E. Martinez is Mescalero, Apache (paternally) and Pennsylvania Dutch (maternally.) She is a transnational Indigenous epistemologist with a Sociology PhD. Her scholarly expertise is in Indigenous knowledge systems, research methodologies, visual culture, and, sociopolitical land and environment issues. ...

  • Professor, Ethnic Studies

    Ernesto Sagás

    RESEARCH: Race/ethnicity/identity in Latin America and the Caribbean, transnational politics, Latinx politics, Latinos in Colorado, race/ethnicity/identity and U.S. immigration policies, and race/ethnicity/identity in the American West. TEACHING: ETST 100 Introduction to Ethnic Studies, ETST 261 Latinx Populations in the...

  • Assistant Professor; Undergraduate Coordinator, Ethnic Studies

    Lindsey Schneider

    RESEARCH: Environmental Studies, Settler Colonialisms, Indigenous Feminisms & Indigenous Feminist Methodologies, Queer Theory, Indigenous Food Justice TEACHING: ETST 550 Indigenous Law, Policy, & Peoples; ETST 438 Native American Literature; ETST 365 Global Environmental Justice Movements; ETST 342 Queer Indigenous...

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  • Academic Success Coordinator, Academic Support Center, English, Ethnic Studies, Philosophy, Sociology, and Women's Studies & Gender Research

    Joanna Doxey

  • Communications Specialist, Anthropology and Geography; Interim Assistant to the Chair, Ethnic Studies, Anthropology and Geography and Ethnic Studies

    Josh Zaffos