Majors and Minors

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Ethnic Studies

In the undergraduate program for Ethnic Studies students learn about the growing diversity in the workforce. They examine the roles of gender, class, sexuality, and other social differentiation within today’s society. Students learn to identify and understand oppression to gain a deeper and more complex comprehension of the world we live in. Students are empowered through knowledge and critical thinking to realize their own ability to act upon the world.

Program Options

The Ethnic Studies department offers a major, minor, and a teacher licensure for Ethnic Studies.

To add a minor, please contact the department directly. To declare a major, schedule a campus visit, or apply to CSU, please click the buttons below.

Program Requirements

Checksheets for each of the programs the Department of Ethnic Studies offers can be found at the links to the right. Checksheets outline the required courses for completion of a major or minor.

Get descriptions of each course by searching the online Course Catalog.


Joanna Doxey is the Academic Success Coordinator for the Department of Ethnic Studies. She is available to help students understand their degree plans and plan out their undergraduate education. Call the CLA Advising Center at (970) 491-3117 to schedule an appointment. For MINOR advising please contact the main office at (970) 491-2418 or cla_ethnicstudies@mail.colostate.edu.