Ethnic Studies

Cultures, Gender, and Social Constructs

The Ethnic Studies Department critically examines the interlocking forces of domination that are rooted in socially constructed categories of gender, sexuality, class, race, disability and national status

COMING THIS FALL 2018 students may enroll in a new concentration called the Social Studies Education through which students in Ethnic Studies are eligible to teach social studies in middle and high schools.


  • Ethnic Studies B.A.
  • Women's and Gender Studies B.A.


  • Ethnic Studies M.A.
  • Women's Studies Graduate Certificate


  • Ethnic Studies
  • Women's Studies
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The Ethnic Studies department is committed to nurturing critical thinking, civic-minded and culturally informed students who strive to strengthen the communities in which they reside, while engaging with communities on and off campus in order to effect meaningful change in public policy and social life.

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The Women's Interdisciplinary Studies Program prepares individuals for the needs and opportunities of an increasingly interconnected and interdependent world. The program builds awareness of the range of human experience, potential, and accomplishment.