Assistant Professor


  • Office Hours:

    Tuesday/Thursday 10:45-11:45a and Wednesday 4-5p.
  • Role:

  • Position:

    • Assistant Professor
    • Ethnic Studies Minor Advisor
  • Concentration:

    • Critical Disability Studies
    • Queer Theory and Politics
    • Environmental Studies
    • Critical Animal Studies
    • Trans* and Genderqueer Studies
  • Department:

    • Ethnic Studies and Women's Studies & Gender Research
  • Education:

    • Bachelor's in Ethnic Studies
    • Master's in Women and Gender Studies
    • PhD in Cultural Studies and Social Thought in Education


Dr. Jenne Schmidt focuses on critical disability theory, queer politics, and environmental studies. Their current research is centered on interrogating the ways that environmental futures are positioned as incommensurable with crip and queer existence/futurity. They refuse the notion that in order to secure a sustainable ecological future for humans, we must eradicate (via a logic of environmental management that draws on eugenics-adjacent frameworks) corporeal differences including disability and queerness. Dr. Schmidt’s research engages this tension to trouble the foundations of environmentalism and disability, in hopes of locating the moments and places of coalitional possibility where both eco-futures and “desiring disability” (Kafer, 2013) are present.


Schmidt, J. (2022). Cripping environmental education: Rethinking disability, nature, and interdependent futures. Australian Journal of Environmental Education, 1–18.

Schmidt, J. (2022). The Place of Ruin within Wild Pedagogies. Canadian Journal of Environmental Education (CJEE), 25, 55-69.

Schmidt, J. (2021). ‪Eco-Listening: Listening to Place‬. Listening: Journal of Communication Ethics, Religion, and Culture., 56(2), 175–183. 


  • ETST 100: Introduction to Ethnic Studies

  • ETST 420: Disability, Race, Gender in the Environment

  • ETST 270: Introduction to Critical Disability Studies

  • ETST 305: Ethnicity, Class, and Gender in the U.S.