Assistant Professor Dr. Lindsey Schneider gave the talk “Why restoring Indigenous land rights is good for the plant” at TEDx Mile High in Denver last spring and her talk will be featured on the main TED Talk website on November 23rd, 2022.

Perhaps you’ve seen or heard a land acknowledgment before — it’s a brief statement recognizing Indigenous people as the original stewards of the land where others now work, go to school or live.

Indigenous scholar Lindsey Schneider explains why the Land Back Movement is good for us all and shares how tribes like the Wiyot in California and the Niimipuu in Idaho are revitalizing environments damaged by settler colonialism.

Dr. Schneider is an Indigenous (Turtle Mountain Chippewa descendant) feminist scholar whose work focuses on the diverse ways in which tribal nations work to sustain their relationships with the land and its inhabitants. She runs the ISTAR (Indigenous Science Technology Arts and Science) program for Native youth in the Fort Collins area and is a member of the President’s Native American Advisory Council.