Gift Giving

Irene July13The Ethnic Studies Department cannot overemphasize the importance of building a strong foundation of alumni and friends who regularly support our program and students. One of our goals over the coming years will focus on the relationship with and the participation of alumni and friends. Our gratitude goes out to those alumni and friends who have expressed an interest in Ethnic Studies, and garnering and maintaining a relationship with us. We are currently facing an extremely difficult fiscal period and our efforts to build the program for students and external communities will require funding from sources in addition to the university. With increasing financial pressures at the University, support is more important than ever. Financial support, however, is not the only part of our relationship. I’m equally interested in your advice and counsel about how we can make this Department better. If you have thoughts or ideas about ways that the Department can improve its programs and better connect with our alumni and friends, we would welcome them. Please feel free to call or email us at: (970) 491-2418 or