Undergraduate Program

ugpThe Ethnic Studies Department offers an Ethnic Studies Major and Minor as well as a concentration in Women’s Studies and a Minor in Women’s Studies.

In these studies students will critically examine the interlocking forces of race, gender, class, sexuality, and other forms of social differentiation. By investigating the voices of marginalized communities, students of Ethnic Studies gain perspective on the many histories of the United States. This qualitative pursuit identifies the knowledge and truth people possess in their experience. By learning to actively listen and engaging others with difference, Ethnic Studies provides a unique capacity to engage the world.

Learning to identify and articulate oppression allows students to understand the world in complex ways. Curriculum is crafted to guide student’s to gain an understanding of the political, economic and social forces that shape lived experiences. Critical engagement of content is expected, and writing ability is central to course work.

By tracking the developments of ideologies through historical events, the development of social consciousness is made possible. Social movements and acts of liberation are critically engaged to provide students with actual examples of empowerment. Students are encouraged through studies of empowerment to take responsibility for their own ability to act upon the world.

For a list of courses go to the CSU Catalog and examine classes with the ETST and WS prefix.