Required and Elective Courses

Required Courses

Course No. Title Cr. Prerequisite Catalog Description
ETST 501 Ethnic Studies History and Theory 3 Graduate or Senior Status History and theory of racial and ethnic formation, identity, and politics.
ETST 502 Research Methods 3 Graduate or Senior Status Interdisciplinary Ethnic Studies research methods.
ETST 503 Contemporary Ethnic Studies Issues 3 Graduate or Senior Status Contemporary Ethnic Studies issues in the US and abroad.


Elective Courses

This is a limited list; updates will be posted on RamWeb. One ETST 400 level course is allowed. *ETST 510 is also an elective course for CSU’s Masters in Public Health.

Course No. Title Cr. Prerequisite Catalog Discription
ETST 500 Race, Ethnicity, and Nationality 3 None Intersections of race, ethnicity, and nationality within a broader framework of political economy.
*ETST 510 Ethnicity, Race, and Health Disparities in United States 3 Graduate Status Health status of ethnic/racial populations; cultural dimensions that underlie health and health disparities.
ETST/ANTH 513 Capitalism and Global Ethnic Conflicts 3 Graduate or Senior Status Causes of global ethnic conflicts with emphasis on resource competition, capitalist development schemes, and role of the state.
ETST 520 Race and U.S. Social Movements 3 Graduate or Senior Status Intersections of race, class, gender, and sexuality which structure life chances and mobilize movements for rights, recognition, and resources.
ETST 530 Race, Labor, and the Economy 3 Graduate or Senior Status Social stratification, class and gender formation, neoliberalism, and the impact of globalization.
ETST/SPCO 540 Rhetoric, Race, and Ethnicity 3 Graduate Status or SP412 and 12 additional 300-300SP credits Critical race theory and its relevance to rhetorical studies.
ETST/POLS 544 National Identities and Nation Building 3 Graduate or Senior Status Statist conceptions of race and ethnicity that inform the examination of nation building.
ETST 550 Indigenous Law and Policy Graduate Status or concurrent registration for ETST 501/502/503 Laws and policies impacting Indigenous women, children, families, and communities in North America, New Zealand, and Australia.
ETST 560 Race, Ethnicity, and Higher Education 3 Graduate or Senior Status Historical and contemporary experiences of people of color as students, faculty, and staff in higher education in the United States.