Graduate Advisory Committee

Upon beginning the Ethnic Studies Graduate program students are assigned to the Graduate Coordinator for advising. This assignment is temporary. Students construct a Graduate Advisory Committee (GAC) that serves to guide the development of their work and that will provide the final evaluation for completion of the program.

To begin students first select a Chair for their GAC. The Chair serves as the main mentor in directing the development of student’s thesis or professional paper. Students should make this selection based upon similar research interests and workable relationship with the faculty member.

Deciding upon a research interest early on or prior to entrance will assist students in this decision. Students can look into Faculty research interests by viewing there biographies in the “People” link.

Next, students collaborate with their Chair to select two more faculty members to join the GAC. One position will be within the department and the other will be an outside faculty member. Similarly, these positions should be filled by faculty whose research is related to the student’s interest.

It is advisable for students to take courses from the faculty on their GAC. As each course will conclude with a research paper, students can easily incorporate various approaches into their research.

The selection of the GAC is required to be completed by the end of the second semester. To complete this process, students must file the proper forms with the Graduate School at Colorado State University. Forms and deadlines can be found on the Graduate School’s webpage.