Empowering Today, Strengthening Tomorrow (E.T.S.T.)

E.T.S.T. (Empowering Today, Strengthening Tomorrow) constructs an intersectional bridge between activism and academia, fostering civic-minded and culturally informed communities. Committed to fusing academic pursuits and student activism, E.T.S.T. encourages participation within publications, conferences, symposiums and publicly organized events. The mission of E.T.S.T. therefore seeks to bring Ethnic Studies’ historical approach of activism back to the forefront.



  • Abby Marweg, President
  • Jen Sethi, Vice President
  • Aynadis Alemayehu, Treasurer
  • Karla Giovanna Gonzales Garcia, Secretary


To find out how you can participate in E.T.S.T. use the contact information below:
Office number: (970) 491-7674
Email: etst.studentpower@gmail.com