Graduate Program

gpThe Ethnic Studies Department offers a MA in Ethnic Studies and a Women’s Studies Graduate Certificate.

Graduate studies offer students the opportunity to develop their critical thinking skills by engaging oppression through interdisciplinary literature. Students are expected to master the fundamental developments of Ethnic Studies and further apply this knowledge to the world.

Core curriculum guides students’ ability to utilize intersectional analysis of race, class, gender and sexuality, to dissect oppression and liberation in national and international contexts. By tracking the developments of oppression and liberation, students gain an understanding of history as developing phases of consciousness. This valuable lesson provides our scholars the insight to contemporary social tensions and the foresight of potential directions of social thought.

The program recognizes the importance not only of the history of racial exclusion and marginalization but also the creative ways in which various racial groups sustain their humanity through cultural preservation, transference, and renewal. Ethnic Studies is committed to nurturing students to become culturally aware, astute, civic-minded individuals who strive to strengthen the communities in which they reside.

Classes are constructed to not only teach students about oppressive systems in society, but to engage scholars of other fields. It is through this engagement that students learn to communicate with other professionals and begin applying their knowledge.

Independent research is central to each course. Writing and public speaking are fundamental skills that are cultivated through this program. Through personal mentorship with faculty, students can expect to gain a professional skill set applicable to pursuing advanced degrees or entering the workforce.

CSU hosts an annual Graduate Student Showcase, which celebrates research and creativity in our graduate programs across campus. Learn more about the Graduate Student Showcase here.

For a list of courses go to the CSU Catalog and examine classes with the ETST and WS prefix.