Education Abroad Programs

Cuba: Travel to Havana and Pinar del Rio, Cuba over Spring Break 2016! This nine day one credit program (when you enroll in ETST 182, which allows for financial aid to be used) will guide students through:

  • Identifying the main issues and challenges in Cuba’s society, economy, and political systems
  • Describing the main issues and challenges in foreign relations between Cuba and the United States
  • Recognnizing the role of race and gender in Cuban society

Ghana: During the fall semester students will learn about the socio-economic and political history of Ghana during five class sessions. In late December/early January students will then embark on a twenty day program to four of the ten regions of Ghana, immersing them in both urban and rural life. Students will be exposed to important topics such as social organization and relations, sustainable development, girls’ education, the history of the Ghanaian slave trade, artisan and aesthetic traditions, and much more. Service opportunities include teaching at a local school, volunteering at an after-school program, working on poverty alleviation, or volunteering at an orphanage nearby. Upon return, students will meet for five weeks on the CSU campus during the Spring semester.