The Center for Women’s Studies and Gender Research



The Center for Women’s Studies and Gender Research (CWSGR) is an interdisciplinary apex that academically focuses on gender and sexuality as they intersect with race/ethnicity, class, ability, religion, age and nation state along the societal power continuums of oppression and privilege. CWSGR supports research and creative scholarship/artistry and pedagogy guided by feminist methodologies and theories, as well as critical race and queer theories. CWSGR encourages scholarly and creative collaborations between faculty, students and campus community members that seek to address issues of social justice and change pertaining to gender inequities that are inclusive of multiple identities and speak to issues of intersectionality. CWSGR strives to foster service-learning opportunities with local and global communities that support gender research in order to effect meaningful change in public policy and social life. CWSGR advocates for the diffusion of feminist scholarly and creative work across the university, as well as at national and international academic levels. CWSGR is committed to the mentoring of civic-minded and socially aware students who strive to enhance the world at large. CWSGR is housed within the Department of Ethnic Studies in the College of Liberal Arts.