Minority AIDS Initiative

The purpose of the Minority AIDS Initiative (MAI) for the Collaboration for Prevention and Treatment Improvement for American Indians and Alaska Natives at Risk for Substance Use and HIV/AIDS is to expand outreach, education, stigma reduction, prevention and treatment for American Indians and Alaska Natives at risk for substance use and HIV/AIDS. This effort is implemented through increased collaboration with Tribes, Tribal Organization and Urban Indian Health Centers within the United States. The Initiative focuses on assisting tribes, tribal organizations and urban Indian organizations in their efforts to address substance abuse and HIV/AIDS among American Indians and Alaska Natives who are at risk for HIV/AIDS. The immediate impact that this initiative may have is an increase in the number of American Indians/Alaska Natives at risk for HIV/AIDS and substance use knowing their HIV/AIDS status as well as having access to appropriate counseling and educational materials. NCCR and CA7AE will develop and maintain a website to provide resources and up date information and will assist by providing Community Readiness training and education via the internet.



Project Staff:

Pamela Jumper-Thurman, Ph.D.
Project Director

Barbara Plested, Ph.D.
Co-Project Director

Martha Burnside, B.A.
Research Associate

Andrea Israel, B.A.
Research Associate