Norberto Valez, Ph.D.

Associate Professor
E-mail: Norberto.Valdez@colostate.edu
358 Aylesworth Hall SE

B.A. - Anthropology, University of Colorado, Boulder
M.A. - Archaeology, University of Idaho
M.A., Ph.D. - Social Anthropology, University of Wisconsin, Madison

RESEARCH: Indigenous and peasant resistance movements; capitalist critique; rural development; neoliberalism and immigration; militarism and resistance

TEACHING: ETST 513/Anth 513 Capitalism and Global Ethnic Conflicts, ETST 503 Contemporary Issues, ETST 432 Latina/o Routes to Empowerment, ETST 332 Contempory Chicana/o Issues, ETST 319/ANTH 319 Latin American Peasantries, ETST 255/HIST 255 Native American History

Dr. Valdez's past scholarship focused on Indigenous struggles for land and livelihood in Guerrero and Chiapas, Mexico, and also in the Central Highlands of Guatemala. His current research will challenge nationalistic anti-immigrant rhetoric and assertions by focusing on capitalist practice, its dispossession of workers and farmers of the means of production, and the creation of an international labor force. It will investigate how globalization and the competition for cheap labor are resulting in a race to the bottom in wages internationally and the widening of the wealth gap between global elites and the working class. A second project is a co-authored book project entitled From Battle Ground to Common Ground which is a compilation of experiences of war veterans who are actively involved in a critique and resistance to U.S. militarism. This book is intended as a contribution to university curricula in Peace and Justice Studies.

Selected Publications:


(Forthcoming) Timpson, W., Valdez, N., and D. Giffey, eds., Warriors, Peacemakers, and Patriots: Integrating Voices for Transformation, Madison, WI: Atwood Press

Valdez, N., 1998, Ethnicity, Class and the Indigenous Struggle for Land in Mexico, New York: Garland Publishing. Series on Native Peoples of the Americas.

Contributor, 1991, Going Home: The Story of Repatriation in El Salvador, Phil: Apex Press

Refereed Journal Articles/Book Chapters

Valdez, N., 2006, "War and Conscientization: Conceptualizing Non-violent Approaches in the Age of Empire." In K.K. Kuriakose, ed., Religion, Terrorism, and Non-Violence: A New Agenda, NY: Nova Science Publishing.

(Forthcoming) Valdez, N., "Changing of the Guard: A Personal Story of Transformation from Patriot to Activist," In W. Timpson, et al., eds., Warriors, Peacemakers, and Patriots: Integrating Voices for Transformation, Madison: Atwood Press.

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