Eric Ishiwata, Ph.D.

Associate Professor
E-mail: Eric.Ishiwata@colostate.edu
364 Aylesworth Hall SE

B.A. - Colorado State University
Ph.D. - University of Hawaii, Monoa


TEACHING: ETST 544/POLS National Identities and Nation Building, ETST 503 Contemporary Issues, ETST 501 Ethnic Studies History and Theory, ETST 404 Race Formation in the United States, ETST 320 Ethnicity and Film: Asian-American Experience, ETST 256 Boarder Crossings: People/Politics/Culture

Selected Publications:

Refereed Journal Articles

Whitehall, G. & Ishiwata, E. (2012). The international aesthetic of the Yasukuni Jinja and Yushukan Museaum. The New Violent Cartography: Geo-Analysis after the Aesthetic Turn (Interventions), 234-249.

Ishiwata, E. (2011). Probably impossible: multiculturalism and pluralisation in present-day Japan. Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies, 37(10), 1605-1626.

Ishiwata, E. (2011). We're seeing people we didn't know exist: Katrina and the neoliberal erasure of race. The Neoliberal Deluge: Hurricane Katrina and the Politics of Disaster, 32-59.

Daum, C. and Ishiwata, E. (2009) Violent equalities: race, law, and the attack on Native entitlements. Law & Society, 44(3/4), 843-876.

Ishiwata, E. (2007). Keeping it real: race, theory, and the return to identity politics. Political Theory, 35(5), 666-675.

Ishiwata, E., 2004, Re-made in Japan: Nikkeijin Disruptions of Japan's Ethno-Spatial Boundaries. Japanstudien, 16, 91-117.

Ishiwata, E., 2002, Local Motions: Surfing and the politics of wave sliding. Cultural Values, 6(3), 257-272.