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Completing an Ethnic Studies Department internship provides our majors and minors work experience applying their studies in our classes to the community. The Ethnic Studies internship program is flexible and allows for variable credits (1-6) through placements with a variety of organizations throughout Fort Collins, Northern Colorado and on the CSU campus.

Students work closely with the Internship Director and campus career center to give you the most positive internship experience and preparation for your journey as an Ethnic Studies professional. Interns will work on creating resumes, cover letters, work place etiquette, networking, informational interviews, and other career skills.

For students, the time spent working an Ethnic Studies internship is a great addition to your professional portfolio and will give you an edge when applying for post-graduation positions.

Organizations receive the benefit of having students who are culturally competent and dedicated to respecting diversity as well as making a positive impact on the community. They bring a wide range of skills and awareness while you demonstrate how to make our communities better places to live.

The overall goal of the Ethnic Studies internship program is to connect our scholarship with the community, meet the diversity of the classroom to the diversity of the community.


Fall Interns are self-placements, students who have existing or make relationships with organizations are able to enroll for fall class credit. Contact the Internship Director between August 18-September 10.


If you are interested in being a site for our interns, please contact the Internship Director immediately.