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Admissions Process

Review the Graduate School's -application packet- and the -Graduate and Professional Bulletin- online and the following departmental guidelines. When preparing your application packet, follow these steps:

STEP 1: Prepare and Submit the Application Packet

Submit to the CSU Graduate School (online):

  1. Complete the Graduate School's online application- and submit the $50 fee

Submit to the Ethnic Studies Department:

  1. A personal statement of professional interests, experience and objectives. This document should state your professional goals and expectations for graduate study in Ethnic Studies. The statement should not exceed five, double-spaced typewritten pages in 12 point font.

  2. Résumé or curriculum vitae showing dates and details of professional and academic experience.

  3. One official transcripts of all collegiate work completed. (Colorado State University transcripts are not required.)

  4. Three letters of recommendation from - advisors, professors, employers, supervisors or individuals in similar positions - who have known you in different capacities. When asking for letters of recommendation please provide them with a copy of the Guidelines for preparing letters of recommendation.

  5. Scores from the general exam of the Graduate Record Examination (GRE) are not required for admission to the Ethnic Studies Master's degree program. Students who are planning to go on for a Ph.D. or wish to make their record as competitive as possible are encouraged to take the GRE general exam. In all cases, GRE scores will be considered in the context of the rest of a student's record.

  6. Foreign students are required to supply evidence of proficiency in oral and written English. This is accomplished through taking the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL). A minimum score of 550 or higher is required (official copy of scores required).

These documents should be submitted to the Ethnic Studies Department using the following address:

Ethnic Studies Department
Colorado State University
Campus Delivery 1790
Fort Collins, CO 80523-1790


All materials, including transcripts and letters must be submitted before February 15 for Fall admission. Applications completed by this date will be included in the department's first round of reviews and will be eligible for departmental support through Graduate Teaching Assistantships (GTA). Applicants in the first review will be notified of admission status and any support offered by March 15. The department has a rolling admission policy which allows students to apply throughout the year but they will not be eligible for a GTAship.